what is backup scripting?

Backup scripting is the process of automating your backups. The idea of backing up your files is not new. It's equivalent to photocopying important documentation. If your computer crashes, your priceless photographs, business and personal documents are copied on a nightly basis onto a backup device, such as a USB Hard Drive.

Many such USB Backup Devices include "light" versions of the backup software which is very limiting, difficult to use, a "black box," where you really don't know if it's working, or just plain cryptic.  PCNS uses Microsoft's Robocopy and can script a backup routine that can preserve the last 7, 14, or 30 days worth of backups.  This gives you a history of backups, in their native file format.  Saving files in their native format is just like copying files, only it's an automated process.  This means you don't have to learn new sofware to recover a file.  A history of backups lets you go back in history to restore an older version of a file.  Depending on customer needs we can supplement backups with this script with Windows built-in NTBackup or the external 3rd party backup tool.

In addition, PCNS can teach you how to image your hard drive with Acronis TrueImage which provides additional backup capability, and the ability to recovery from hard drive failures much more quickly.