pcns privacy information

PCNS does not sell or distribute any E-Mail addresses, phone numbers, or other related information the customer or prospective customer may disclose on this site, or through normal business correspondence. If you received a postcard advertising my services (which we mainly mail in the Dallas, Richardson, and Plano area), your address was obtained one of two ways:

1. Purchased and obtained from infousa.com.

2. Researched by gathering your suite number by physical on site visiting and verifying your address from Verizon on line yellow pages, as well as yellowpages.com, and smartpages.com.

The Web Hosting provider Networksolutions.com collects statistics, including frequency of visits, how the customer found this site, which pages are visited most often, and other related information.  Source image photography is licensed and copyrighted.  This means that although these images may download to your browser's cache, you may not utilize them in any other capacity, whether for commercial or personal purposes.

If you do not wish to receive PCNS postcards, simply call or refuse the postcard, and write down to be removed from the mailing list.

PC Network Service (PCNS) also uses  PCNS also uses Cluster Maps to track your originating geographic location.  This helps us track who is visiting and where they are from, and helps us to post the most interesting stories, news, and features.  If you don't wish to be counted, download and install the Firefox browser, and install NoScript which will disable all Javascript on ALL websites in Firefox.  Much of this website will work without Javascript.