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Change of Service Policy, effective Sept 2007

PCNS is unable to perform "empty" house calls, or "drop off" house calls.  For the best service experience PCNS encourages the customer to be present at all times during the house call so we can meet your Service expectations.

pcns rates are $75/hour, 1 Hour minimum*

Current Richardson and Plano Chamber of Commerce members receive a $10/hour price break.  The best way to determine if I can assist you with a PC issue is to call and describe your problem.  I do not charge for phone diagnosis and feedback.  To be fair to other customers however, I cannot engage a customer with an extended troubleshooting session, which may otherwise be more quickly resolved with an on-site visit or remote session, which is a billable service.  PCNS mainly repairs PC Desktop and Laptops, and network connectivity issues, both wired and wireless.  I can troubleshoot printing problems, however for major hardware printer issues, such as dead printers, printers with quality problems due to mechanical problems, I refer customers to CRS Printek in Plano, or Toner Plus in Richardson.   *Trip charges apply to Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, and McKinney.

pcns service guarantee

Your complete satisfaction with our service is our goal.  If PCNS cannot resolve your problem there is NO CHARGE for the correctional service attempted.  If the same problem reoccurs within 30 days, return visits to fix the same problem are free.

only genuine software

PCNS does not condone software piracy and cannot offer a Service Guarantee if the customer's software was obtained from less than reputable means, including and not limited to "warez" or offshore websites, peer file sharing, "leaked" product keys, or unlicensed and/or unauthorized duplication.

a note for do-it-yourselfers

PCNS is pleased to offer advice if you are reinstalling Windows yourself (or carrying out other repairs or troubleshooting), however PCNS cannot guarantee an outcome nor will PCNS offer a service guarantee if you take matters into your own based on phone support from third parties, vendors, or competitors.  This is the equivalent of a customer rebuilding their own engine, and the customer asking their mechanic about specific advice.  If things don't go right you can't blame the mechanic because the mechanic isn't doing the work!

copying of data

During the course of repairs or new PC data migration, if the Customer does not have a USB hard drive it may be necessary to copy your files to a USB Drive owned by PCNS.  You will be informed ahead of time before this work is performed.  Upon completion the data on the PCNS Hard Drive will be securely wiped promptly (on site, if you wish).  To avoid incurring additional hours from a file wipe, PCNS encourages the customer to buy your own USB hard Drive!  They are very affordable and they're a valuable piece of hardware for safeguarding your data.  The reason why PCNS uses a USB hard drive is for performance and efficiency.  A USB hard drive can copy files about 2 times faster than a hard wired ethernet and over 7 times faster than 54 megabit wireless.