LG 22" Flat Screen # W2252TQ, Nice picture, cheap build quality

Eric Braun, PC/Network Service

Fairly soft plastics on this monitor, easy to remove.  Nothing like a Dell Flat Screen of 10 years ago, where it took considerable effort at removing the LCD frame.  Upon removing two screws and the back cover I was met by this interesting layout.  Note the lack of any frame which the assembly holding the electronics board is attached to.

LG Flat Screen back removed

Maybe this explains it a little better.  Nothing fastens the frame to the inside of the monitor, because there is no frame.

LG Flat Screen back removed, slip and slide

Getting to the cause of this DEAD monitor, BAD CAPS.  For a 2009 Monitor, wow that's a new low, does LG Design these monitors to last no longer than their 3 year warranties?

LG Bad Power Supply Caps

Recap these five Caps plus two additional capacitors near the Inverter Transformers (one can be seen at the far top right of the above picture), and all is well.

LG Flat Screen repaired