buyer's tip - hibrite screens not appropriate for every setup

HP Laptop with Glossy Display Samsung Hibrite LCD HDTV Buyer Beware

Users should carefully evaluate the merits of an LCD "hi brite" screen before purchasing.  At the store they look great, in dark rooms, color is richer, more saturated, and DVD's look great. But in a home or office environment, the cast of reflections could be a show stopper.  High brites are common on both Laptops and Desktop Flat Screen Monitors, as well as High Def TV's.

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A 4 1/2 year old, a pair of scissors, and a Dell laptop

Dell Latitude D520 with Shattered LCD Click each picture to see larger images Close up of Dell Latitude with Shattered LCD

Feb 2008:  What happens when you combine young children with the blunt end of a scissor, and they use it as a pointing device on a Dell laptop.  Fortunately, the laptop was covered by Dell's Accident Coverage warranty.