things to consider before calling

PCNS does not use or recommend the use of tools such as Aloha Bob, PC Relocator, or other PC migration programs. As these programs are capable of migrating programs entirely, when migrated these programs do not show up in Add/Remove programs, so once they're there, they're stuck there.

Many titles which do the migrating require on line activation, and as a result, only run one time, so it's a poor value for their relatively high price tag. If you had the need to change the program settings, or to remove the program for diagnostic or upgrade purposes your choices may be limited.

A far better alternative is to migrate just the data files, and reinstall programs cleanly to your new PC using the original program CD when they were purchased. This takes longer, however most users can install applications themselves. In the long run reinstalling applications manually will afford much more long term PC reliability and stability. Be cognizant of Oem Providers like Dell, which, for a flat fee, will migrate data files to your new PC. In this service (which is optioned at the time of purchase) they may impose limitations on the amount of data they will migrate. (3 Gigabytes for a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop for Dell Small Business Customers). Surveyed May 17, 2007.