PCNS charges by the hour.  When it comes to diagnosis and repair, I believe the customer will get the most comprehensive diagnosis and repair by charging by the hour.  The risk with flat rate pricing is a technician may skip certain tests or diagnostics, because as time progresses, there is a break even point, when the Service Provider will lose money. 

This may result in the technician using a "canned" or "all size fits one" approach to troubleshooting, which may result in less than satisfactory repair, and the possibility of a repeat call back. Flat rate pricing sometimes take the worst case scenario.  While a $249 flat rate repair may sound alluring, it's no bargain if PCNS can resolve it in under 4  hours or less.

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competitor's rates

PCNS has removed all references to competitors due to strongly worded emails from competitors.  Do your research before calling that provider, simply googling consumer complaint will redirect you to many complaint style websites where you can look up the business you may be interested in doing business with.

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