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dec 2007 - photoshop elements 6 organizer load error - no disk

Windows Error No Disk

A customer was having difficulty starting up Photoshop Elements 6.  After clicking the Organize option, to get into the Organizer, the above error would pop up.  Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c.  Click cancel enough times, and the error would go away, and the program would operate normally.   A Catalog repair inside PSE6 revealed no problems.  At first I thought perhaps the software was linking photos to the F: drive which was the customer's USB Compact Flash Card reader (and no flash disk was installed in the reader).  Reinstalling the memory cards (she had 4 cards) one by one, and restarting Photoshop Elements did not resolve the issue.  The standard troubleshooting procedure from Adobe is to start disabling startup items, including antivirus, third party firewalls, and any unnecessary programs.  Trouble is, nothing was added or updated to the system, and the computer didn't do this before.  Disabling many startup programs did not help.

Puzzled, I ran Sysinternals Process Explorer, and verified it was CRSS.EXE, a Windows Service Process, so this was definitely coming from Windows - not Photoshop.  I minimized everything, and something on the customer's Windows desktop caught my eye.  The customer had a Desktop Shortcut to the A: floppy drive!  Of Course!  Placing a Desktop icon shortcut to a removable media device (which by the way is a bad idea) cause a implied disk mount, or implied mount, and you're telling Windows in every disk open command (not just in Photoshop), you want the Operating System to check out the drive.   Of course, the room was dark, and I never noticed everytime PSE6 loaded, a floppy drive disk access was occurring because the green seek light would light up when the Organizer was loading.

So happy ending, and the moral of the story - don't create desktop Icon shortcuts to removable media devices.  Windows really likes to see media in those devices.