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dec 2006 - another emachines bites the dust

Another E-Machines T-2615 PC bites the dust.  Same unreliable Bestec power supply.  It surged the system board and blew up the ECS Motherboard.  This time armed with the Ultra-X PHD PCI-2 Card, we were able to determine the Power Supply fried the BIOS Control Lines.  UXD recommended doing a CMOS reset, and try re-flashing the bios.  If this didn't help, or the PC was still unable to boot, that the board was declared bad. 

Sony Vaio PCG-FX120 Laptop.  This is a Pentium 3/700 Mhz Laptop.  The customer had Windows XP, a clean install, it previously had the dreaded Windows ME operating system.  Situation - the PC would hang when restarted.  Each time Windows starts, an entry was created in the event log   Source: ACPI, Description:  ACPI BIOS is attempting to write to an illegal PCI Operation Region (0x4).  Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.  I concluded the restart hangs were related to the ACPI error.  Since the Sony Vaio laptop already had the latest available BIOS, it appears there is no solution to this error message.  However some stopgap measures were implemented which resolved the restart hang (for now!).

1.  Disable the Windows shutdown sound.  This speeds up windows shutdown (and restart). Tune Windows XP for maximum performance, i.e., turning off Windows "candy coating" seems to have helped.  Right click My Computer, select Properties, click the Advanced Tab, in the Performance Frame, click Visual Effects, click the option button Adjust for Best performance.  Disable Write Caching of the main C: drive.  Though this does slow performance slightly, this assures all information has been flushed to disk prior to a shutdown, which may help prevent file system corruption when a bad shutdown occurs.  Sony should fix this ACPI Bios error, but they probably will not due to the age of the laptop.