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April 2007 - ATT/Yahoo DSL changing SMTP Settings

Customers report they are getting an E-Mail from ATT/Yahoo, stating the SMTP settings of their mail servers are changing, and that users should setup their email account accordingly:

incoming: pop.att.yahoo.com, use SSL, and port 995

outgoing: smtp.att.yahoo.com, use SSL, and port 465

There are plenty of guided tutorials on ATT's website to assist you in making the changes.  In the emails I've seen they haven't said when they're going to discontinue pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com and smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com.  If you use Spampal.org's excellent free Spam Filtering product, making it work with these new settings - while it can be done, is a rather complicated setup, and some users may elect to use a commercial alternative instead.  Stunnel with Spampal.  Before undertaking this, be sure to document your settings before making any changes.

What makes Spampal good, by the way, it in its default configuration, it only uses DNS Black Lists.  Baysian filters are turned off.  This results in some spam getting through.  However certain customers, particularly in sales and prospecting, who live their life in getting Sales inquiries, prefer light duty spam filtering, so they won't miss a potential sales lead.  A common complaint is the commercial alternatives such as Sunbelt Software's I Hate Spam, Norton and McAfee block too much good mail, even at their lowest threshold settings.